Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Stagecoach - 'We Got Tazers' EP review

Stagecoach formed in Surrey as a two-piece and "opted to add a new member every year until they felt they could comfortably rock a stadium." Now with just the right number of members (five, to be exact), Stagecoach released the "We Got Tazers" EP on October 5th and it's proving to be pretty damn good. All six tracks are as intriguing as each other and pull you in to listen more - First track, We Got Tazers portrays their happy nature, Break shows us their slower side and Ice Age is a bit of a indie cliche. You even get a remix of We Got Tazers thrown in there which adds to all the fun that this band clearly embody. If you like a bit of indie, a bit of electronica and a bit of confusion then this band are definitely for you. If not, you should still make sure to give it a listen.

You can purchase a copy of We Got Tazers at the Alcopop Records store (www.ilovealcopop.com) and you can find out more about Stagecoach at www.myspace.com/stagecoachuk

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Tailor Made PR said...

Add more memebers each year until we can rock a stadium! how Rock n Roll is that?