Saturday, 3 October 2009

Bethany Dillon - 'Stop & Listen' album review

Within Christian music it can sometimes be hard to find artists who sell music because they are good at what they do, rather than the fact that they are just Christian, but Bethany Dillon is one of few who are actually amazing at making music. As expected, the album is full of hope (something Bethany does brilliantly) and opening track, Get Up and Walk, is full of major keys and perfectly sung notes. First single, Everyone to Know, brings back memories of The Kingdom and Dreamer and shows us how in love with Jesus Bethany really is; and it's not cheesy or cliched like a lot of Christian music can be. The album is full of honesty and beauty in songs like I Am Yours and Deliver Me and shows how this wonderful artist has matured and gained so much wisdom since the days of Beautiful when she was fifteen years old. Her wonderful acoustic pop music is enough to make you smile, even if you don't agree with what she's singing, so I suggest that everyone makes sure to give this album a listen.

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