Monday, 5 October 2009

The Candle Thieves - 'The Sunshine EP' review

Peterborough band, The Candle Thieves, are just coming to the end of their 'Garden Party Tour' where they "played up and down the country, ransacking the gardens of their fans for an evening and putting on shows consisting of great music, inflatable sharks, teddy bears and chocolate". Their music is described as "a warm blend of sunshine drenched melody, punctuated with sometimes melancholic but always astute song writing made with instruments straight out of Toy town and thrown into a melting pot to produce mini pop symphonies." First track on the EP, The Sunshine Song, is full of happy little melodies, the use of synths to keep your feet tapping and with lyrics that are enough to make the heart of any conscious female melt. Second track, My Love Will Clap it's Hands for You, starts off simple before building up and becoming even more intriguing. Final two tracks, The State that I'm in and Lonely, Lonely, Lonely show us a more down beat, slightly darker side to the band but they still keep up the simple melodies and heartfelt lyrics that make their music so appealing.

The Sunshine EP is available from today on Alcopop Records ( and you can find out more about The Candle Thieves at

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