Saturday, 17 October 2009

Nic Dawson Kelly - 'Old Valentine' album review

The first time I heard Nic Dawson Kelly the first thing that came to mind was Tom Jones, and now I have no idea why because the more I listen to him the more unique and brilliant he sounds. From working with musicians like Jim Barr (Portishead) and Marco Nelson (Primal Scream, Young Disciples), 'Old Valentine' has taken on a country/folk/generally quite alternative sound and each song leaves you wanting more. Songs like (first single off the album) The Musician, Marilyn and All The Pretty Bullfighters show a slow, peaceful side to Nic, with use of harmonicas and his unique shaky voice putting images of campfire songs and cowboys in our heads. But Old Valentine, Ex-Lovers and Old Friends, and Thursday 3-23 are alive and upbeat, with even a bit of a 60's/70's feel to them. Nic sounds nothing like any of the predictable folk artists who are doing oh so well in the charts at the minute, and it appears that his love of country has made 'Old Valentine' something completely new and exciting for the skinny-jean-and-tight-t-shirt-wearing youth of today. But I'm pretty sure that everyone should give it a listen; you won't regret it.

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