Friday, 13 February 2009

Medison - EP Review

At the minute there's a lot of alternative rock bands forming in the UK, and rather than being a bit dull they're actually making music that makes you want to listen; Medison are one of these bands. First track on their EP, 'Break the Glass' has a more alternative feel to it and reminds me of bands like Fighting With Wire (funnily enough, they recently played a few gigs with these guys) and is a good song to start off with, because it really grabs your attention. Second track,'Tell Them' again has a very alternative rock feel but is a bit slower than 'Break the Glass'. Next track, 'Lava Lamps', isn't as strong as you might expect after the first two songs but is still worth a listen. Final track, 'Through and Through' has a catchy opening melody and this is carried throughout the rest of the song, along with strong vocals and an attention-grabbing chorus. Oddly, it sounds slightly more like You Me At Six than any alternative rock band, but this adds to the sound and only makes it better. If you're a fan of alternative rock, pop punk, or any genres that go along with those, you should definitely check Medison out and make sure to buy a copy of this EP.

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