Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Avalanche Effect - 'Do You Think They Can Hear Us?' EP review

First track, 'Pistols at Dawn, Sir' is a brilliant opening track as it's passionate, muscially and vocally, and is quite heavy but at the same time, if you listen carefully, you can hear snyths in the background which calm it down a little bit.There are some vocals which are verging on screamo near the end of the song, and this adds to the passion. Second track, 'Mentalied Matics' starts off slower but builds up and then dies down again at the end, reminding me of old school Lost Prophets. Next track, 'History Is Made At Night', reminds me of the alternative rock bands I would go to see play when I was fifteen and loved because they really cared about the music they were playing, and because all the riffs and rhythms fitted together perfectly,. Final track, 'The Beys' is again quite a strong track, with the addition of more vocals that are verging on screamo that grab your attention. There also seems to be some sort of hidden track at the end which has gorgeous melodies and soft vocals that don't take over the peaceful music. Overall, this is an epic EP, so you should definitely make sure to purchase a copy and check out The Avalanche Effect.

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