Tuesday, 23 December 2008

New Found Glory - 'Listen to Your Friend' single review

New Found Glory's more recent material (mainly Catalyst and Coming Home) hasn't been bad, but it's been different and has turned a lot of fans away from them. However, 'Listen to Your Friends' could easily bring those fans back. Even though these guys have been together for ten years now and are definitely no longer the youngsters they once were, this song is full of all the teenage-angst that made us love their early material, especially fan-favourite, 'My Friends Over You'. While it is less punk rock than New Found Glory used to be, their pop punk side shines through and makes this one of the most catchy tunes of 2008. 'Listen to Your Friends' gives great hope for their new album, 'Without a Fight', to be released in March 2009 on Epitaph Records, and will hopefully bring back the old fans as well as gaining the band many new ones.

You can check out New Found Glory at www.myspace.com/newfoundglory

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Joey Alexithymia said...

i hated catalyst at first but it's easily one of my fave NFg albums, and certainly one of my top 5 albums ever.

Coming home was more laid back because of their lable at the time wanting them to be a bit more alt-rock... however their most recent 'Tip Of The Iceberg EP' fucking blew me away! harder than catalyst bit with the punk-spunk of their self titled.

loving the new single and a great review!